Sanali Group has earned a creditable name as one of the leading and most respected promoters and builders in the city and the state of Telanganaas well. The phenomenal success of the ventures did not come on a platter, but through the bold vision of the founder and the dedicated team of professionals, a storehouse of talent, innovation and expertise. It’s a team which leaves no stone unturned to bring you the very best in real estate.

The Sanali universe revolves with the customer at its center. In this light a comprehensive portfolio of diverse construction projects under one roof has ever been the aim and achievement we strive towards. We understand the trust the customer places with us when he partners with us to achieve his business, personal or real estate needs. We go to great lengths to ensure that such trust has not been misplaced. We are dedicated to providing the clients with end to end solutions that meet their varied and diverse needs with an equally varied and diverse range of products with and unmatched quality of service. We work by the motto of “build it right the first time” this along with our dedication to the values of integrity, reliability and quality create an environment that is conducive to the growth of both the customer and ourselves.


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