Shopping malls are becoming a way of shopping panorama in india, in a way they symbolize the vibrant anf encthusiatic new india and its burgeoning bright new generation. They open up a whole new canvas of what shopping is all about and that too under one roof.  One can tast its fruits in the heart of city’s commercial hub, Abids. Two high -profile words, Brightness and transparency shall be the walls of this swanky mall when done up. It shall be done up with a design that is inherent with large expanses of curtain glazing on the inside and the extrior. It showcases a new kind of shopping trill identity while maintaining the integrity of the modern design.

The entire mall is located oppposite legendary chermas showroom at abids, a 7-stories complex, which houses 2 cellars for parking; 4 floor for shopping and 1 floor for fun, Food and entertainment zone, which appeals to the sensibilities of every section of shoppers, in particular kids. The top covering is as superb central atrium dome in circular descriptions, Which allows for total easy cum just-about perfect saylight too seep in. So one feels being bathed in nature’s bountiful light offering


19, Abids Road, Gun Foundry, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001

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