SANALI CASTLE details to be added in website and Company profile. The matter is as follows:

Asanali Castle flate has been conceived such a way so that you will be proud to live in your lifetime. In true Sanli tradition, no effort has been spared to get every detail just rright. The location. The comforts, the lucuries and the conveniences all put tohether in a flat. people are proud to show off to relatives and friends.

It is designed in a breathtaking fashion, with elegant class-style interiors, giving high prority to VASTHU privacy and ventilation and much more to show off inside a SANALI CASTLE flat and each flat looks out on a pleasant view.

Sanali Castle nestles just off rajbhavan Road in a quite and peaceful neighbourhood of Somajiguda with all conveniences, markets, shopping, schools and medical facilities at a stone throw distance. The newly favoured environment created in neo-classical ROMAN style. Sanali Castle is an amalgamation of luxury, beauty and functional utility.

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